Monday, May 26, 2008

Musings of a Startup - Part 2 - More Advertising

Hello again, things on the advertising front have come a long way since my last post. I am now getting plenty of clicks. I am hitting my daily ad budget on Google Adwords nearly everyday. Also, using Google Analytics I am tracking download conversions and getting between a 25%-50% daily conversion rate. So far so good!

I am finding Google analytics an incredibly useful tool for learning about the traffic hitting the HawkeSoft website. In addition to conversions it is very interesting to see what countries are hitting the site the most (India and the United States are the clear leaders at this point).

Well, advertising is coming along well now, time to see if it starts translating into sales. If anyone has questions about the EZ SQL Restore application, or has run into any problems just let me know.

- Grant

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